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Award: Juan de la Cierva and Beatriú de Pinos Fellowships

When I arrived to my new lab in Barcelona, my boss suggested that I should apply for some fellowships.

I followed his advises and we submitted two applications for fellowships.

I recently got the results, and incredible news, my two applications have been selected. Even better, I am ranked first in Chemistry for the Juan de la Cierva fellowship.

juan de la cierva

Unfortunately, I cannot accept both.


Award: two prizes at the IEEE scientific image competition

I submitted a picture related to my research project (get the related paper published in Nature Chemistry) to the IEEE scientific image competition.

Thanks to public votes and the choice of the jury, this picture was distinguished by two prizes. The third prize from the public and the second prize for visual impact, delivered by the jury.

This was a nice opportunity to highlight my research !