Publication: Mechanical properties of functionalized flexible MOFs

Five years and a half after I defended my PhD, this is probably the last publication coming out from the multiple collaborations I had during my stay in Versailles…
And it’s a pretty interesting one, about the effect of ligand functionalization on  mechanical properties of flexible MIL-53 type MOFs.


check it out!
pdf article

About the paper: An extended series of MIL-53(M)_X metal–organic frameworks (MIL = Materials of Institute Lavoisier; M = Al, Cr, Fe, Sc; X = Cl, CH3, NO2) have been systematically investigated to explore the impact of the nature of both the metal centre and the functions grafted on to the organic linker on the mechanical behaviour of this family of highly flexible hybrid porous frameworks under the application of an external pressure of up to 3 GPa. The high-pressure X-ray diffraction measurements allowed the characterization of the pressure-induced phase transitions of the hydrated structures, the associated volume changes/pressure transitions, and their mechanical resilience through the determination of their bulk moduli.


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