Heading up to Barcelona!

After three fruitful years working in an amazing university, Kaust in Saudi Arabia, I am heading up to new challenges and projects with Prof. Daniel Maspoch’s NanoUp group at the Institut Català de Nanotecnologia, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

New challenges @ ICN2

I want to thank my colleagues, especially Amy, Rasha, Dalal, Lubna, Ryan, Lukasz, Infas and Youssef for the great time I had with them working on exciting projects.

Prof. Eddaoudi and his FMD3 group trusted me from day one and always supported my work, my ideas. He encouraged me to think somehow outside the box, and I must admit I learn in his group far more than what I initially expected.

I still remember his first email, telling me he wanted to hire me to reach new highs in MOFs chemistry. At least we tried, I had fun, headache and much more fun…

I designed covers for journals, prepared slides for the president of the university, created a video, worked in a 3D visualization cube in the middle of MOFs cavities, I dived with whale sharks, slept in the desert, I met incredible people from all over the wolrd, and many more.

Shukran/Gracias Arabia Saoudita ! Holà/Salam España !


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