Publication: Zeolite-like MOFs in Chem. Soc. Rev.

Besides the development of my research projects and as a follow up on MOF design after our recent contribution based on supermolecular building approaches (See the recent article), I have been contributing to a second review, this time related to the design, synthesis and properties of MOFs with zeolitic topologies (ZMOFs).

It was an exciting challenge to produce about 20 original figures that are intuitive, elegant and homogenized from one another. This work is published in Chemical Society Reviews.

get the review as pdf

TOC ZMOF review

This review highlights various design and synthesis approaches toward the construction of ZMOFs, that is MOFs with topologies and, in some cases, features akin to traditional inorganic zeolites. The interest in this unique subset of MOFs is correlated with their exceptional characteristics arising from the periodic pore systems and distinctive cage-like cavities, in conjunction with modular intra- and/or extra-framework components, which ultimately allow for tailoring of pore size, pore shape, and/or properties towards specific applications.


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