Publication: Amine grafting on porous organic polymers

I just published new research in Chem. Commun.
The article has also been highlighted on the front cover of the journal. (get the article as pdf)

chemcomm cover
I have been conducting and coordinating the development of a unique amine functionalization strategy, here applied to a novel porous organic polymer. It was specifically designed to deliberately encompass aldehyde functionalities, amenable to post functionalization.
The resultant porous framework allows a facile, unprecedented and anticipated one-step, quantitative, post-synthetic amine functionalization. As envisioned, investigation of CO2 adsorption properties showed a significant enhancement of the CO2 affinity at low coverage versus the pristine material (Qst increased from 33 to 50 kJ.mol-1). This feature considerably enriched the CO2 selectivity and improved the CO2 removal capabilities from N2 and CH4 containing gases akin to post-combustion capture and natural gas upgrading applications.



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